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Microwave oven will be under safety test(25/05/2011)

As far as microwave ovens are concerned, the UAE has passed a law that will ensure these products are safe for the consumers.  

Harmful radiation tends to escape from the microwave in a variety of situations such as

  • door seals being contaminated by food residues, 
  • objects caught between oven door and oven front face, 
  • damaged viewing window, or when the door is damaged.  
  • Harmful radiation also escapes if the door does not close properly, if it is bent and if its hinges and latches are broken or loosened.

Mid Day Break: (25/05/2011)

Mid day break in UAE to those who work outside will be in effect from mid June to mid September.  Break starts from 12.30 pm to 3 pm.

  • Employers should display the working hours in a clear place written in Arabic and/or the workers’ languages.
  • Employers should provide cold water, health and safety systems, dehydration salts like lemon drinks, first aid kits, sun shades and air conditioners.
  • Violators (first time) will be imposed a fine of AED. 10,000.00 and downgraded to category C.
  • Repeated violators may need to face tougher actions.

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