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Home Safety

Fire Prevention Tips

For Kitchen

  • Always stay in the kitchen while cooking.
  • Keep things that can burn, such as dishtowels, paper or plastic bags, and curtains at least three feet away from the range top.
  • Before cooking, roll up sleeves and use oven mitts.  loose-fitting clothes can touch a hot burner and catch on fire.
  • Store matches and lighters in a locked cabinet to keep them away from children.
  • Know how to put out a small pan fire by sliding a lid or fire blanket over the flame.

For Smokers

  • Always smoke outside
  • Use large, deep ashtrays on sturdy surfaces like a table.
  • Dip cigarette and cigar butts in water before dumping them in the trash.

For Candle Users

  • Only light candles when an adult is in the room.
  • Do not allow children to keep candles or incense in their rooms.
  • Always use stable, candle holders made of material that won’t catch fire, such as metal, glass, etc.
  • Blow out candles when adults leave the room.


  • Make a fire escape plan for your family.  Find two exits out of every room.  Pick a meeting place outside.  Practice makes perfect – hold a family fire drill at least twice a year.
  • Install smoke alarm on every level of your home.
  • Put them inside or near every bedroom.  Test them monthly to make sure they work.  Put in new batteries once a year.
  • Learn how and when to use a fire extinguisher.
  • Teach every family member to “Stop, Drop, Wrap, Roll, and Cool” if clothes catch fire by dropping immediately to the ground, cross hands over your chest and rolling over and over back and forth to put out the flames.
  • Cool the burned area with cool water and seek medical attention for serious burns.

Save Your Children from Burns

How to Avoid?

  • Never hold a child while cooking, smoking or drinking a hot liquid
  • Ensure milk or other foods are at a safe temperature before feeding
  • Keep the kitchen a ‘child-free area’ and ensure a proper safety gate is installed at the entrance of the kitchen
  • While cooking, pay extra attention to the stove top and the cooking utensils. Turn the pot handle away from the front, and close to the wall
  • Set your water heater at 120 degree F (48 degree Celsius) or lower. Always test the temperature of bathwater before giving bath to a child
  • Never leave a child unattended in the bath tub
  • Do not place hot food or drinks on the edge of the table and within reach of a child. Move it to the centre, out of reach
  • Matches and lighters should be placed out of reach of children
  • Be careful with any flammable substances used to start fires, especially during barbeques
  • Store cleaning solutions and all chemicals out of reach of children
  • Install child safety covers to all unused electrical sockets
  • Educate and warn children never to play with fire

First Aid

  • Immediate response and treatment will help minimise injuries from burns
  • Stop the burning process — remove the source of heat. If clothing catches fire, STOP, DROP and ROLL
  • Do not panic. If necessary, call for help
  • Check your child is breathing normally, talking, crying
  • If breathing is normal, check the burned area
  • Rinse the injured site with cool running tap water for about 10-20 minutes. If the child feels cold, stop rinsing
  • Cover the injury with sterile gauze. Dress with bandages if available. If not, cover with clean plastic cling wrap, keep child warm and take him/her to the nearest medical facility
  • Never apply ice, toothpaste or other ointments on the injured sites
  • Do not puncture any blister
  • Do not tear off any burned clothing that sticks to the injured site. If in doubt, take your child to the nearest medical facility

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